NISSUI co.,ltd (480㎡)

Oyabe city hall (340㎡)

asahi-cho library(250㎡)

Komatsu co.,ltd awazu plant (60㎡)


chuetsu meta co.,ltd (65㎡)

Okayama Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd (20㎡)

National Institute of Polar Research(100㎡)

Okayama university (80㎡)

NHK toyoma (19㎡)

hachikan co.,ltd (45㎡)

niigata mitsubishi motor dealer (43㎡)

hiroshima oriental hotel (100㎡)

sanai photo studio shop (50㎡)

oshima building in koganei city (160㎡)

Animal Fanciers' Club (250㎡)

jikoen - kindergarten (30㎡)

wakichi - retail shop (7㎡)

futagami purification center (Flowmeter 40pcs)


hotel okura okayama (140㎡)

KIrin beer okayama plant (80㎡)

COCOON CITY Saitama-Shintoshin (120㎡)

sports club v10 izukino, nonoichi (300㎡)

netz toyota chubu nisshin chuou (47㎡)

nagoya toyopet kouzouji (90㎡)

The mainichi newspaper chushikoku print (300㎡)

Taiho Kogyo co.,ltd (160㎡)

TOMBOW Co.,Ltd. (240㎡)

JXTG Nippon Oil & Energy Corporation (30㎡)

Okayama Chikuba Hospital. (20㎡)


Iwakuni city Tax office (100㎡)

Japanese Red Cross Society, bus (30㎡)

Central Nippon Expressway co.,ltd (80㎡)

l sakae toyama / takaoka shop (250㎡)


house 2f, 3f (45㎡)

Queensland in australia

Summer time in Australia can see very high temperatures, especially in Queensland where it can get as high as 40℃. Buses in the city become very hot because they need to drive under direct sunlight for a long time.
Our product ‘eco gold’ has been chosen to help make the interior of the buses comfortable.The result of road tests showed that the temperature by the windows dropped by 4 – 12℃ compare to without the product, and the buses are now undergoing the coating process.
We are currently introducing our product to households and offices inside and outside of Japan, and are planning to make inroads into the Taiwanese market.