construction advice

Please read the instructions below in order to get optimum results from our product, EX Clear.

  1. When applying the product, it is recommended that the outside temperature is between 15 and 28 ℃ and humidity is not more than 85%. Ensure there is adequate ventilation to avoid possible condensation occurring.
  2. Avoid using when there is a chance of rain within 8 hours after the product is applied.
  3. Wash with care
  4. Avoid coating unevenly
  5. Undo latches from windows before applying the product.
  6. Use brushes and sponges instead of a paint roller in small or narrow areas.
  7. Always mask the area on the window sash and areas where an unwanted product could splash.
  8. Wipe immediately when getting unwanted stains with the product.

Construction specifications

Process Product application and procedure Coating
Drying time
(dry to the touch)
Setting time
Surface preparation Remove any dust from the glass surface using a glass scraper.
Cleaning Use glass compound to remove oil film.
Silicon removal Use paint thinner to remove silicon from the windows.
Coating Ex Clear Use a paint roller and sponge 8h 48h

Package: 1L EX Clear