1. How many levels do Ecogold products have? Do they protect infrared ray or heat?
Ecogold has three  grades of transparent heat cutting paint for windows depending on mixing ratio of composition material (Near-infrared absorbing agent, Ultraviolet ray absorbing agent and    dispersion stabilizer and so on)
i.e..,* Ex clear C ( for coating car window) Ex clear G (for coating building window)
*Super Clear
The effect difference is, for example, EX clear G will cut 95 % of  Near-infrared ray, and Ex clear C will cut 75 % of Near-infrared ray.
Ex clear G will reduce by 15 the temperature of the surface where direct sunlight is reaching in comparison with non coated 3 mm glass.
UV transmittance is ; Non coated 3 mm glass: 71.4% | Super Clear: 1.3% | Ex Clear G: 0.5%
The numbers of times to paint and its effects have a correlation? ; For example, if we paint 1 layer, it can protect 85% if paint 2 layers it can protect 97%

The coating is made for a single layer. In japanCoating will be thicker in summer while less thick in the winter time
because of velocity due to the temperature difference.

4. If need special skill, how do you teach local painters? Should we need to send our painters to Japan or will they send the trainers here?

Nevertheless, it is better to train paint workers in Bangkok in view of the difference of working circumstances, and Ecogold would be pleased to carry our training in Bangkok.

5. Can we paint in the room or house while we are living? will it be harmful if we stay while product not yet dry?

No problem forContinuous living and working inside even during works.
The paint smell during painting works but it will not smell after touch drying stage.
The coating surface after complete drying is harmless to human beings, even harmless if kids licks the surface.

6. How long is the durability?

The efficiency of paint after works shall be 20 years.

7. How do you keep products? Can we keep in Thailand weather? such as 36 - 40 ℃

The suggestion is to keep the product in cold and dark space. The product can be stored asvalid for 1 year if kept in cold box or
cold warehouse ofabout 10℃.

8 How about durability against high-temperatures? It is because Thailand is very hot if we paint in a car which the temperature can be like 60-80℃ (Sample) Don't they melt?

The product can be put in the car of 60~80℃ while paint works. But in case of contact with the hot air
by keeping open the can, the paint will lose the viscosity and you cannot paint. So coating works in the car is made
by keeping the product in the cool box in the car.

9 Can you send us a certificate from Japan of this product?

Since the product is processed products by Ecogold, no third party certificate cannot be available by Japanese government or so.
But Ecogold can issueMSDS and/or SDS(Safety Data Sheet).

10 How do you export to Thailand? by Air or sea?

Ocean transport is normally suggested. We have not checked yet whether air transport is possible or not.

11 What is the HS code?

HS CODE:3209.10.000

12 Valuable Storage period in Room Temperature

3 months (for the container not opened)in room temperature 27-35 degree with humidity 73-75 percent)
1-2 months (for the container after opening) in the same room temperature, depending on the opening frequency

13 While painting, if you have some dust or mistake, how do you correct the work?

In case of adhesion of dusts or foreign materials or objects on the surface of coated film during painting works, ECOGOLD will remove them using adhesive cotton swab.

14 How do you remove the product after 10 years?

ECOGOLD has no claim from their customers for the deterioration or degradation of the coated film aging after 17 years operation for now. But if it is the case, ECOGOLD will remove the painted coating film using the glass scraper. Please contact us for any solution.

Q&A Eco gold (EX CLEAR) Film
How many grade of product 3 grade
Infrared 95%, 75%, XX%
UV 99.5%, 98.7%, XX%
Many more than 30 grade and level (color, infrared protect)
How many layer to coat the window 1 1
Worker skills No need Need but not difficult
Causion in work place dry and no dust No dust
Weather in work place Cold weather will not thicken product Any weather
Drying period 10 mins and 8 Hr. for complete dry 1 Week
Product is harmful or not Harmless Harmless
Product duration after paint/install 20 years 5-15 years
Product duration after mixxing No mix
How to store product Cold and dark if 10 c can keep 1 year Room temperature and dark
Limitation of product uneven surface and curve surface cannot install