How to clean the coated surface

  1. Rinse with plenty of water or wipe gently with a soft damp cloth.
  2. Use a soft dry cloth to soak up the remaining water from the surface
  3. If using a Squeegee, choose a soft one and apply it gently to the coated surface. Please make sure that there is no dust on the Squeegee before using it.
  4. If the the above methods are insufficient, use a neutral detergent. 
    Gently wipe off the dirt using the detergent and a soft wet cloth.

Important - cleaning and maintenance

  1. Do not use any objects with sharp edges, such as glass scrapers,
    knives and hard objects with a surface hardness greater than 4H. Please use a soft Squeegee.
  2. Do not use paint thinner or alcohol solvent.
  3. Please use a soft wet cloth to clean the surface.
  4. You can use a neutral detergent, but do not use acidic/alkaline detergent
  5. Do not use a hard sponge.
  6. Do not use a glass compound.
  7. Do not polish.
  8. Do not make scratches in the coating.
  9. Please refer to the manufacturer’s directions when using a neutral detergent.