General rules

  1. Purpose
    The purpose is the correct application of thermal insulation paint to the window surfaces.
  2. Scope of instructions
    These instructions are applicable to the building owner, and to those applying the thermal insulated coating.
  3. Scope of work
    The general principle of the installation is that the paint has to be applied as uniformly as possible to prevent uneven paint.
  4. Change/Negotiation
     If, due to unforeseen circumstances, it becomes necessary to diverge from these instructions, consult with the construction manager to obtain consent
  5. Workers must be informed
    All workers must fully understand the instructions before starting the project. They must be informed if there is any change or modification to the instructions for the avoidance of misunderstanding.

Construction materials/equipment

  1. Machines/tools to use
    stepladder ( ex. 90 or 180 height) , mobile scaffold, scaffold, orbital sander and glass scraper.
  2. Anti-dissipation equipment for removed materials etc.
    Curing sheet to prevent dissipation, curing sheet for floors, curing sheet for windows, masking tape, safety rope for workers to prevent falling (when working at a height greater than 2m)
  3. Protective gear for workers
    Helmet, safety belt (when working at a height greater than 2m) safety goggles, protective gloves
  4. Handling of the used paint containers
    The contractor is responsible for disposing of used paint containers, which should be kept in a storage container prepared in advance.


what to do

  1. Check weather forecast (chance of rain, expected temperature)

  2. Gather materials and paint
  3. Masking equipment placed near window

  4. Removal of window latches that could cause obstruction (for the interior)

  5. Removal of any dirt using a scraper

  6. Thorough cleaning of the window surface using a glass compound
  7. Masking of window frame for splash prevention

  8. Application of coating using paint roller or brush
  9. After checking the surface is completely dry (dry to the touch) remove the masking and re-attach the window latches.(Work in the interior of the building)

  10. Cleaning the work area and around windows
  11. With attendance of supervising staff and the field representative check the state of the construction and check the coating for any irregularities

  12. Remove materials/paint

Safety management

  1. Health and safety for workers

    In addition to conducting work in compliance with relevant laws and regulations related to occupational safety and health, as for general construction work, workers must adhere to the following in order to handle thermal insulation paint on windows.

    – Wear a helmet
    – Wear a safety belt (when working at a height greater than 2m)
    – Wear safety goggles
    – Wash hands after work and breaks

  2. Consideration for the surrounding environment
    As scattered paint could affect the surrounding environment, workers must install curing sheets.
    – The contractor must protect any objects from paint dissipation at the site by using curing sheets.
    – The contractor is responsible for managing and disposing of the used paints properly.