Functional superiority of our thermal insulation paint

We use cesium tungsten oxide for our thermal insulation paint, which is a near-infrared shielding material. Therefore it allows for a high rate of visible light transmission while providing absorption of infrared rays. It can also cut near-ultraviolet rays effectively, preventing the room temperature from rising without sacrificing light.


Over a year, eco gold is much cheaper on average than conventional thermal insulation film or glass. The average cost of the glass is 50 USD / year and the film is 35 USD / year, whereas ‘eco gold’ costs just 15 USD. Therefore, both the initial cost as well as the total cost are much lower.
*exchange rate: 1USD = 100yen

There are some areas where standard thermal insulation film is unsuitable.
On the other hand, ‘eco gold’ is versatile and can be applied on most glass surfaces.

Note1: Painting can be possible by stopping water when painting
Note2: Film can be installed in a bathroom but easy to remove if the water comes in the edge of film.
Note3: Film can be installed on a flat surface also flat but little curve surface like a front car window.